The New BMW 5-Series

BMW just unveiled the long expected and very needed all-new 5 series.


Design wise, nothing unexpected. Its actually a very conservative evolution, in our opinion. While the front is an improvement thanks to modern LED / laserlight, the back is a bit too Asian for our taste. We liked the sharp lines of the previous one better than the curved butt of the new fünfer. We’d definitely advise the M Package to make the car more muscular and aggressive as a whole.

The active kidney grill is now standard issue on most models. Engine wise no surprises, mostly four cylinders and a few six-in-lines. 8 speed automatic transmissions are standard, and they use navigation data to pick the best gear (a trick already available on Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and the Mercedes S-Class).

Info on prices yet to be announced.




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