Tesla comes with new supermodel

Tesla Motors confirmed the release of a new top configuration for their Model S and Model X products, the P100D Ludicrous. Dissecting the name, we know it’s a Performance model (hence the P), with a 100 KWh battery pack and all wheel drive (the D). Ludicrous mode is available, in that case the P100D is underscored.


Performance is truly otherworldly with acceleration from 0-100 kp/h in 2.5 seconds for the Model S. However, it is not a bargain. Prices start around 140.000 dollars for the Model S, opting for the Model X makes it a few grand more expensive. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that more profit is made from the P90D and P100D models, as they make the upcoming Model 3 possible. Therefore, buying current top of the line models could be seen as a forced form of wealth redistribution.

Tesla also offers the new 100 battery pack to P90D customers, they can swap their old packs for the new powerful one if they pay 10 or 20 thousand dollars, depending on if they already received their car or only ordered it.




Ferrari GTC4Lusso Receives Tags

Ferrari’s very own 4-seater (but still two door car) FF was succeeded by the GTC4Lusso. While the name may sound a bit ‘aftermarket’, its performance is very authentic. Still powered by a big ‘ol V12, it boasts 690 hp. No turbocharging is applied, in contrast with little brother 488. Thanks to all wheel drive, its does 0-100 kp/h in 3.4 seconds.

In the Netherlands, you have to carry at least 361.912 euros to your dealership (due to the dreaded CO2-tax), in other European countries the price will be between 260 and 300 grand.



Classified: Volvo T4 comes to 90-range

The 190 hp Volvo T4 engine apparently makes its debut in the new S90 and V90 for modelyear 2018. As was claimed by a Volvo employee who wants to remain anonymous. While the T4 is not exciting by design – it is the same turbocharged 2.0 litre inline four-cylinder already used in the T5 and T6 – it significantly lowers the bar to drive away in a new top of the line (petrol) Volvo. Currently, the cheapest way to drive a petrol powered S or V90 is with the T5, which costs around 50 grand in most European countries. Picking diesel is the cheaper alternative, the 150 hp D3 engine costs around 42.000 Euros. But the T4 will even things out, as it seems.

Speaking longterm, its unlikely the T4 will always be the entry engine. Volvo invests heavily in hybrid and full electric powertrains, and promised to offer these solutions in all their models in the forseeable future. This way, there might still be room for a T3 1.5 litre 3-cylinder model with around 150 hp (either buffed by a battery pack or not). Hybrid three-cylinder solutions are expected to arrive at the market with the new V40 and XC40 models, due for 2018-19.