Audi R8 V10 Plus

Ignition shot some beautiful footage about their first experience with Audi’s new supercar. Audi ditched the 4.2 V8 engine from the previous R8 and the new base model already has the naturally aspirated V10, which also powers the Lamborghini Huracan. The Plus model has a few extra’s and a bit more engine power over the ordinary model. Personally, I’m a big fan of the new design of the R8, where I thought the front of its predecessor didn’t look as sharp and stunning. The overhauled interior sports new upmarket materials like alcantara and is updated with Audi’s latest technology like the Virtual Cockpit system.





Jaguar F-Pace

Autocar reviewing the new Jaguar F-Pace. The British carmaker’s first mid-sized SUV is a competitor for German counterparts like the Mercedes-Benz GLC, the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and the Swedish Volvo XC60. Sharing components like engines and interior parts with the still fresh and popular XE, the Jag is probably in for success.




Volvo S90 & V90

Carwow receiving a V90 for a test drive. The new Volvo duo is to succeed the bulkier Volvo S80 and V70. Due to its sportier design, booth space did shrink. However, room for back passengers actually grew. The cars will compete with the German E-segment trio and will all have a variant of Volvo’s new two litre inline four engine. The range tops with the yet to arrive T8, which combines the petrol T6 engine with an electric powerplant for a total output of 400 hp.




Tesla Model S 60 (D)

Tesla just unveiled a new intro configuration for their most selled car, the Model S. The vehicle is equipped with a new 60 KWh battery pack, which gives it around 10 percent shorter range than the previous cheapest model, the 70 and 70D. However, that specific variant disappeared in favor of a new 75 and 75D, which did of course raise the intro price for the Model S. Now there is a new way to drive a Tesla for under 80 grand in Euro (NL MSRP). Performance differs only so slightly from the 75 variants, with a 0.2 second slower acceleration to 100 kph / 60 mph. As always, the letter D stands for dual motor, which gives a Tesla four wheel drive.

You can configure your new Tesla Model S 60 or 60D via the official configurator on the Tesla Motors website: <link>


2016 Audi S4

Autoweek getting introduced with the all-new Audi S4 (and S4 Avant). Luckily, it kept its V6 engine, which is now turbocharged sporting more than 500 Nm of torque. Video does include a bit more background history of Audi’s S range as well. NL sound / EN subs.



Abarth 124 Spider

Shmee150 doing a quick first impression and test drive of the all new Abarth 124 Spider, based on the Italian-Japanese combination that produced the latest edition of the Mazda MX-5 and the brand new Fiat 124 Spider.

Test car does have an amazing custom exhaust: <link>