Tesla Model S 60 (D)

Tesla just unveiled a new intro configuration for their most selled car, the Model S. The vehicle is equipped with a new 60 KWh battery pack, which gives it around 10 percent shorter range than the previous cheapest model, the 70 and 70D. However, that specific variant disappeared in favor of a new 75 and 75D, which did of course raise the intro price for the Model S. Now there is a new way to drive a Tesla for under 80 grand in Euro (NL MSRP). Performance differs only so slightly from the 75 variants, with a 0.2 second slower acceleration to 100 kph / 60 mph. As always, the letter D stands for dual motor, which gives a Tesla four wheel drive.

You can configure your new Tesla Model S 60 or 60D via the official configurator on the Tesla Motors website: <link>



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