Works of Art: cars and junk


I can hear you all thinking: “last week you wrote about funerals, and now you expect us to read about art?”. Don’t worry everyone, this is about the best kind of art: the one that involves cars. First let me show you a picture of some cars you’ll probably recognize.

Mercedes 300 SL Mercedes 300 SL

Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron

While these cars are definitely works of art in themselves, they are not the topic of this post. Instead I invite you to look at this picture.

Works of art cars from junk Getting a sense of déjà-vu?

If you think that looks familiar, you’re absolutely correct. These beauties are the work of some 50 different artists. They made these cars, such as the Mercedes 300SL and the Bugatti Veyron, completely out of scrap metals and the likes which they found in a junk yard outside of Warsaw. (That’s the capital pf Poland, for those who wondered where on earth that…

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