Geneva 2017: ItalDesign Zerouno

It’s Volkswagen Group night in Swiss Geneva, which means we get to see which niceties the European concern has in store for us this year. There is a lot; and we from AutoExperience will bring you all the highlights. Starting with a very special car from the ItalDesign studio, usually only known from designing for other brands, but now having their real own car.

The all new Zerouno looks like a combination of the rarest Lamborghini’s (Veneno, Centenario) and something that originated in the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V. Still, it’s a real car with real specs and an unreal price.

The idea behind the ItalDesign cars is that are to be very exclusive in numbers, only a few of this particular one will be build. However, they use components also seen on other VAG products. The Zerouno makes heavy use of carbon fibre, as expected, and uses the well known 5.2 litre V10 also seen in the Lambo Huracan and Audi R8.

Performance wise, the car is not designed to be a contender to the Bugatti Chiron, but it will be definitely be more rare, with only 5 cars planned for now. Prices are unknown yet, but are expected to lie between 500.000 and one million dollars.





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