Skoda and the Octavia facelift

Since 2013, you as a customer are able to buy Skoda’s offering in the c-segment, the Octavia. Last week, Skoda updated this product for the new modelyear. Most interesting feature: split / separated headlights to the likes of two-generations-back Mercedes E-Class and before-facelift Volvo S/V/XC60.


This is the first model of the Czech carmaker with the new front. Whether its a returning feature on other upcoming models has yet to be seen. Engine-wise, nothing changed. But apart from the LED headlights (which will have a nice price, without doubt) Skoda fiddled a bit more with the options:

  • New optional 9.2 inch infotainment (still horizontally placed)
  • Latest Volkswagen Group assistance systems like BLIS, CTA and Trailer Assist (all optional)
  • A key which saves seat and steering wheel position


Will go for sale Q1 2017




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