Upcoming reviews: New VW Up! and Citroën C3

After getting in touch with the local Volkswagen and Citroen dealerships, we are now able to confirm that AutoExperience secured test drives with the new Up! and C3.


For the VW, we were particularly interested in the new TSI model, which sports the same 90hp 3-cylinder turbocharged engine already installed in the Polo and Golf (albeit with minor differences). Combined with the new exterior and interior customization options and the brand new Beats-trim, it should provide a nice experience with the a-segments bestseller. VW already has the 60 and 75 hp non-turbo variants in the showroom, but we’ll wait for the real news.


The Citroen C3 is all-new, and therefore even more exciting. Borrowing style elements from the popular C4 Cactus, it should be a very excentric car to see and drive in real life. We currently don’t have information about the engine and trim level we are about to get our hands on, but its our guess Citroen creates the best possible package for us. The b-segment car should be a very welcome and refreshing addition to the aging competition of its class.



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