A Most Ridiculous Cabrio

In a world where every single Facebook user gets spammed by commercials of Supercells ‘award-winning’ mobile game, Clash Royale, there also seems to be enough quirkyness in entirely different areas of the market, like the automotive industry.

And therefore.. Meet the *leaked* Mercedes Benz G650 Cabriolet LWB. Packing extravagant looks and a gas-guzzling V12 with at least 500hp, 800Nm, and nature-defying acceleration. You say; Mercedes had convertible variants of the G-wagon before? True, but those were all based on the short wheel based version (SWB). An example is the G500 Cabriolet Final Edition from 2013, which we conveniently left below.

And in a world where Mercedes seems to have fun launching all kinds of ridiculous variants of the G-Class like the 4×4^2 and the 6×6 (also as G63 AMG), a really monstrous cabrio was dearly missed. Or so it seems.

Video: http://www.autojunk.nl/2017/02/mercedes-maybach-g-650-cabriolet

There still seems to be some discussion about the final name of the product, since Maybach badges are apparently present on the car. Therefore, it could be called something like Mercedes-Maybach G650 Cabriolet, which is in line with Stuttgart’s naming conventions. We also noted that the behemoth borrowed some parts of the 4×4^2, which causes it to have even more ground clearance than a standard G. Speaking about that particular car, which looks like a standard G500 tried to have babies with a Unimog, we found this really nic pic of it:

Unfortunately no official information from Mercedes as of yet.


The Gorgeous Audi A5/S5 Convertible

After the all-new A5 Coupe, Audi now gave us the new A5 (and S5) Cabriolet. According to us, its a beautiful car. Not revolutionary, but a very polished product which combines elegant and timeless design with the latest technologies.


Engine wise, the potential buyer has the choice of three gasoline and three diesel powerplants. Things kick off with the 2.0 turbocharged (TFSI) inline four with 190 hp. The same engine is also available with 252 horses. TDI-wise, again 190 hp in the 2.0 litre four cylinder listing, but there is also a very smooth 3.0 inline six with 218 or 286 hp available. Top of the line is the S5 Cabriolet, with a 3.0 V6 TFSI sporting 354 hp. The fabric top can be opened or closed with speeds up to 50 kph.


Car is expected at dealerships spring 2017.






Aston Martin flashes new Volante


Aston Martin hereby shows us a brief preview of what to expect from the upcoming open DB11, the Volante. Because of this, one might expect AM launches the model next spring, but its only doing so a year later, according to the stickerwork on the pictures. Still, we can get a pretty good idea of how the final product will be. The back shows a pretty edgy and powerful design, definitely a lot more aggresive than the DB9 Volante. The modern LED taillights also strengthen that image. Technically, it will sport the same turbocharged V12 as the coupe model.